Donita Large is a Cree lead vocalist in a multitude of genres including blues, country, rock, gospel and traditional & contemporary Indigenous. Donita has 30 years of professional singing experience.

Some of Donita's music career highlights include being one of five founding members of the Indigenous women’s acapella group Asani (Us-a-knee), being mentored as an associate voice coach through The Banff Centre for the Arts - Indigenous Voice Intensive program and recently, has joined three powerful singers to form the new Indigenous women’s singing group, Nîpisîy (Nip-see).  

Donita Large has been working in the areas of wellness and education for Indigenous communities for the last 26 years.  

Donita began singing at the age of five, influenced by the sounds of her Metis and Cree family in northeastern Alberta. Initially raised by her Kokom and Mosom (grandparents) and mother in Moose Mountain (land bought by scrip by her great-grandfather Joseph F. Dion next to Kehewin FN), she later moved to her home community of Saddle Lake First Nation before heading to the big city lights for post-secondary studies and her career. 

Much of what Donita does cross-sects, as she loves to teach open minds and she loves singing as a means of helping others to find healing.

MAY 2021 - Donita created the music for the University of Alberta's educational video "Territorial Acknowledgements: Going Beyond the Script".
Lead Vocal for "Cree Communion"
Vocals & Drumming for her original soundscape "Amiskwacîwâskahikan"